My Bakes On Mesh experience

BOM (Bake On Mesh) comes to solve a serious performance problem.

I am really excited about this new update, this will allow to create much more complex avatars with acceptable performance. This saving is because I do not need to divide the body into 50 parts of 8 materials each to generate the alpha system, and of course I do not need to have the body in triplicate to have the layers of skin, tattoo and underwear. What was being an avatar with over 200 independent objects more hands and feet parts with a brutal performance cost, in addition to handling all these objects with heavy scripts, the problems derived from alpha masking and a huge amount of limitations. I think this update has been well received by the entire Second Life community.

How does it work?

The mechanism is quite simple, you only need to apply an "Internal Texture" on a mesh, and it will acquire all textures of the second life system. There is an Internal Texture for each body part, more exactly:

Problems I find when updating my body to "bake on mesh".

At the moment I have provided an applicator that converts the skin layer into a bake on mesh layer. Thus we have a hybrid between the onion avatar and BOM. In this way people can still use appliers and BOM simultaneously. Functionally it is correct, but we continue with an onion body with a bad performance and alpha masking problems.

To solve this I need to create an avatar thinking in BOM. You can continue using Omega applicators but with certain logical restrictions.

I understand that there must be a transition that will last a while between creators stop creating applicators focusing on using the Second Life layer system and people forgetting their old aplliers to focus on new ones:

First problem I find is that I do not want to lose body functionalities, I do not want to lose the layer of clothes, this layer that is a little separated from the body that makes the t-shirt or pantyhose effect. But I have the problem that if I use the texture of the UPPER system, the neckline will look like the flat chest applied on this layer, such that:

An applicator could be used on this layer leaving it out of Bake On Mesh, but we still have the same alpha masking problems. The most logical solution is found in the textures of the AUX1, AUX2 and AUX3 system. They can be used for NAILS, and for CLOTHES LAYER. Its configuration is easy, you just have to create a Universal and apply on any of the AUX:

Of course, the body must have the texture of the corresponding AUX system applied. And the result is such that:

I hope you like my ideas and it would be very necessary to receive your feedback for this next BOM update!