How to use eBODY alpha autohide with no modify clothing items

1.  Buy the eBODY creator kit for 1L at the eBODY store.

2.  Rez the box and open it.

3.  Inside there is a box called eBODY - Get/Apply Alpha 1.0 (AUTOHIDE) - BOX.  Rez and open this box.

4.  Open your build menu and rez a prim to the floor.  This will become your hud.

5.   Drag the script "Get/Apply Alpha 1.5" into the content tab.

6.  Change the color if you wish on the texture tab.

7.  Make the hud prim smaller to take up less space on your screen.

8.  In the general tab rename your hud prim from object to eBODY autohide hud.

9. Pick up the eBODY autohide hud.

10.  Right click in inventory and choose attach to hud.  I attach to top right.  After this right click and adding will automatically wear the prim as a hud in this position.

Step 1-10 only need to be done once.  After this start on step 11.

11.  Dress your body in clothing item(s) and then choose the correct alpha from the body hud.

12.    Rez a copy of the eBODY autohide hud you made and left click it.  A menu will appear in the top right corner.  Click the "Get" button.

13.  Wait for script to record alphas.  Watch local chat for confirmation.  Chat will say "Get Done".

14.  Right click and edit the hud prim and change the name to eBODY autohide for (clothing item).

15.  Pick up your hud prim and move it into your clothing folder.

16.  Reset your alpha, then right click and add the hud, and verify that the alpha has applied correctly for your outfit.

Each time you wear the hud you have made, the body will hide the parts saved, and when you take off the hud your alpha will reset automatically.